Sharing is an obligation, an ethical responsibility

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the words of Dean Shareski, this is a HUGE take away from this evenings #etmooc session. I wasn’t planning on sitting in, since my little boy celebrated his 5th birthday today, but I was pulled in by the reminders set on my iPad, and my phone.  #ETMOOC session, starting in 15 minutes!  I tried so hard to ignore it, but this is the biggest goal for me… to share.

After spending the hour with Dean and Alec, I took another 25 minutes to watch Dean’s video:  Sharing: The Mortal Imperative.

I wasn’t done yet.  I was inspired by George Couros’ Idenity Fair, and I emailed a link to my principal, suggesting it might be a fun way to start off the school year with our open house and our Family Fun Nights that we have bimonthly.

I’ve found some great tools that allow me to share more readily.  I’ve set up IFTTT for my blog, Twitter, and Diigo accounts.  I’ve also set up the Chrome  extension to tweet out what I’m looking at.  I wonder… is there an IFTTT to allow a Favorite tweet to become a bookmark on  Diigo?  I bet there is, and I haven’t found it yet!  Feel free to share, to save me a little bit of time.

One thing that I’m finding difficult with this journey.  The time.  I am a tech addict.  I spend hours online, learning, searching, watching.  This is time away from my family.  I’ve started to show my kids what I’m doing, sharing an earbud with my daughter so she can hear what I’m listening to when in session.  She knows what learning is.  I do not want my children growing up to think that the time that I spent on the computer was wasted, that I wasn’t accomplishing something that was meaningful.  I also don’t want my children to grow up thinking that I didn’t pay attention to them.  Now, to strike a balance, and maintain it.  That is the key.

  1. Mary says:

    It is challenging being so hooked isn’t it, especially when you are surrounded by children who want to play on thier devices. I think it is really important that our children get to see us learning, in the many different forms that can take (many involving devices!). You have inspired me now to go and watch that video so thanks for writing about it.
    Look forward to reading more posts!

  2. Sue Waters says:

    Hi Jess

    I don’t believe there is a IFTTT for favorite tweets to Diigo. I had a quick look the other day when writing my post.

    Last year Twitter made changes that meant many of the triggers you could use with Twitter had to be removed. You can still favorite a tweet and send to Evernote (someone worked out a way). Perhaps there is a recipe that can send from Evernote onto Diigo?

  3. […] Jan: ‘Sharing is an obligation, an ethical responsibility’ by Jess Henze In the words of Dean Shareski, this is a HUGE take away from this evenings #etmooc […]

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