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So a few things about me:

298731_10150311744828476_960858261_nName:  Jess Henze

Hometown:  Fort Atkinson, WI, USA

Job:  7th grade teacher – mostly science, some math in a team based, full inclusion middle school

School District:  Madison Metropolitan School District

Family:  Husband, Paul, 2 biological children:  Chase, 5 and Holley, 6 and 2 step daughters at home, Crystal 11, and Tiffany 16.  We can forget the furry family members, 3 cats:  Kaibab, Yaqui, and Jewels and 1 oversized yellow lab:  Moose.  Enjoy 25 seconds of my form of free entertainment.  This can go on for close to an hour before the dogs gets tired of it.  You’ll notice he is pretty smart and likes to take unfair shortcuts under the table.  

Here is where I will be anytime I’m working on ETMOOC stuff.  This is my space.  It is a custom designed (by me) desk that my dad and I made back when I was in college.  Considering all that it has been through, it is in great condition.  Sometimes I wish my chair was more comfy though!

This is my space.  I spend too many hours here.

I am a life long learner, self-proclaimed credit junkie, and an edtech addict.  I love learning about new tools to use with students, but I am finding that with the lack of available technology in my building, this is increasingly difficult to use with them.  My goal for the end of this school year is to begin flipping my classroom, whether it is taking lessons from one math book and having students watch it at home, then work on the problem at school, or doing the same with one of my science units.  Either way, it needs to be done!

  1. Joy Kirr says:

    So good to see you started a blog for your learning! Loved the video, too, of course. One tip – you don’t want your chair to be too comfy, or you won’t get any old work done! 😉 Enjoy your etmooc journey…

    • Jess Henze says:


      You are absolutely right about that chair! I’m a little scare about keeping up with this journey, with EdCampMadWI and all, but I will figure it out! Are you joining the #etmooc adventure?

  2. Hi Jess,
    I saw Joy’s tweet about your blog. Good job! I had the same revelation about two years ago–that I wanted to be a producer, not just a consumer. I wanted to contribute, and it was been a marvelous journey.

    I loved your Voicethread, Moose’s scamperings around the table, and especially that delightful little laugh of your daughter.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Jess Henze says:


      I’ve lurked on many chats via Twitter, and it can be so overwhelming that I was impressed at how people could keep up with the conversation AND add links to resources that they use without skipping a beat! I feel like I’m missing some type of secret tool that allows you to do that.

      Holley’s laugh is definitely infectious. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Voki is a fun tool to embed into a blog. I just had to click on it when I saw it on your post… I’ve found it’s great for giving students reminders or tips on a blog post. Looks like you are industrious with a full family life! See you around the MOOC. 🙂

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